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What is your background?

Where most of my friends took the conventional route and proceeded straight from school to university, I spent the first few years following 6th year gaining work experience in a number of various roles for various companies. I spent time in positions for Tesco, Clydesdale Bank, Santander and RBS, all before making the decision to dive back into full time education in 2013. Following the completion of a HNC in Applied Sciences, I am now at the University of Glasgow studying Genetics, and will be entering my 2nd year in September 2015.

What did you get out of your placement?

My time at Thermo Fisher has given me an invaluable insight into the biotech industry that will undoubtedly help me in my progression through university, and eventually, my career. I have gained an understanding of how the industry works, who the major players are, and where the main research focuses currently are. This knowledge has already influenced my course choices for university next year as subjects that I previously would not have considered now seem like logical choices based on the market focus and where companies appear to be investing their resources. 

What projects were you involved in?

With Thermo Fisher being one of the world leaders in genetic testing, it is inevitable that I will regularly encounter their products at university and throughout my career. During my internship I have had the amazing opportunity to learn about these products in-depth and even experience live demos. This experience will no doubt provide me with a head start when I begin to work with the systems in my final years at university.

What were the key benefits of this programme?

The recurring comment I have been getting from all my colleagues at Thermo Fisher has been “What an amazing opportunity you have”. Those working in the industry know first-hand just how competitive it is and the difference having relevant experience means when searching for a job. Every summer, companies will have an influx of applications from new graduates, all with the same degree and same ambitions looking to begin their career. It is an experience like this which will set you out from the rest.