Programme Overview

Realise your business growth ambitions with a graduate or student placement

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ScotGrad works with you to source talented graduates and students for your project to support and achieve growth for your organisation

Graduates and students can provide organisations with fresh knowledge, new ideas, and a unique perspective, resulting in tangible benefits to your organisation.

ScotGrad can help you with:

How it works

After following ScotGrad’s simple online recruitment process, your chosen graduate or student will work on a defined project which will focus on growing your organisation and deliver measurable outputs and outcomes.

If you are based In the Highlands and Islands please contact the ScotGrad Team based at Highlands and Island Enterprise.

Projects could include:

  • Designing and developing a new product or service, or adapting one for an overseas market
  • Developing new business processes and getting them up and running, e.g. accounting systems, ordering/purchasing systems etc.
  • Strategic marketing plans, targeted marketing and market research, e.g. development or research of new international markets, exporting a product or service
  • Utilising digital opportunities to improve business performance
  • Improving environmental management
  • Developing effective human resource policies
  • Helping to enhance sustainability of social enterprises

The ScotGrad process

Arranging placements through ScotGrad is simple and straightforward. There is a different process depending on where you are based.

If you are based in Highlands and Islands, the ScotGrad Programme is only available to HIE supported organisations.  Please discuss your placement enquiry with your local HIE contact. If your project is eligible, the ScotGrad team at HIE will take you through the process of agreeing your placement application and assist you with recruitment.

If you are based in the Scottish Enterprise area, the ScotGrad team will provide assistance during the initial stages of the process, to help draft your advert, promote the placement, and be on-hand to answer queries throughout, at no cost to your organisation.

ScotGrad’s online recruitment portal makes it easy for your organisation to manage the recruitment and selection process for the placement. The application form is in place to ensure quality applications are received, and are presented in a consistent format for easy comparison to make the experience as smooth as possible.


To find out if your organisation is eligible for funding, please speak to your Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, or Highlands and Islands Enterprise contact. If you do not have a local contact, please get in touch with the ScotGrad team.

Next steps?

First, check whether you’re eligible, then head to our Get Started page.