What are ScotGrad employers looking for?

Find out what employers are looking for in graduates and students

Picture Credit: Tim Winterburn / HIE

Having worked with numerous small to medium sized employers across Scotland, we know what skills they’re looking for when it comes to hiring the right candidate.

You should be prepared to show potential employers that you have correct key skills and qualities for the role. Be ready to show:

  • Initiative, commitment and evidence of a strong work ethic. Qualifications aren’t necessarily enough.
  • That you aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions, are flexible when needed and aren’t afraid to ask questions.
  • A broad range of experience in both paid and voluntary employment.
  • That you’ve researched the company and the role, and you’ve put due consideration and effort into your application.
  • Attention to detail. Proof-read every application. 90% of the applications we see have typos and poor grammar.
  • Proactivity and passion. Be ready to hit the ground running.
  • That you’re someone who isn't afraid to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills when required.

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