Check our frequently asked questions for student placements.

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Who is eligible to apply?
Each placement will have specific requirements so please make sure you check these before applying. Check if you are eligible here.

What's the deadline for applications?
Placements are available throughout the year, and each role is advertised with its own deadline. Sign up for placement alerts through your ScotGrad account to keep up to date with the latest opportunities.

Do you only recruit from certain courses?
No, employers recruit from all degree disciplines as well as HNC and HND courses. There are some technical roles (e.g. engineering, IT) that require specific degree backgrounds, but each advertisement will be clear about the qualifications you need. Remember that as long as you have the required skills for the placement you can apply.

Can I apply for more than one placement?
Yes; but be clear about your motivations for each one. A tailored application is much more effective than copy and pasting your application from one to another.

What's the application process?
Information on the application process is available on our How to Apply page.

What makes a good application?
Application hints and tips are available in our Careers Advice section.

I don’t have any formal work experience, can I apply?
Yes. ScotGrad placements are designed to give you work experience and enhance your CV. If a company is looking for any specific work experience, it will say so in the placement advert.

What will happen at the interview?
Each interview process is different but you may be asked to sit a test as part of the process (online or in person) or prepare a presentation. Some employers may also ask you to undertake a practical task during the interview to assess your skills.

If I don't live in the same place as the placement company, will I be helped to move?
No. It is your responsibility to find and pay for suitable accommodation. In some cases, for example, more remote placements, the employer may be able to suggest suitable accommodation.

How much will I earn?
Each placement is different. Please refer to the individual placement advert for the details of the wage offered.

What kind of support will I receive during my placement?
Your line manager will be your first point of contact at the host company and a member of the ScotGrad team will be in touch during the placement to enquire about the progress of your project and how you are getting on in the organisation.

You can contact a member of the ScotGrad team at any point during your placement if you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback.

Will I receive any training?
Your company is responsible for training you in the specific areas required to undertake your placement.

When you are successfully placed on a Highlands and Islands placement over the summer you will also attend the two-day ScotGrad Residential Training Course.