Are you eligible for a graduate placement?

A graduate placement through ScotGrad is an excellent opportunity to open a lot of doors and get you on a successful career path. However, it’s important to check if you are eligible before you apply.

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Who is eligible?

You are eligible to register if you have graduated with an HNC, HND, degree or postgraduate degree from anywhere in the world within the past four years. There is no age restriction, though you must not have 12 months or more of graduate-level experience since your latest graduation. Each placement may have specific requirements so please be aware of this before applying. 

In addition to our graduate placements, ScotGrad also offers student opportunities. Check out our Student section for more information.  

Are you an international graduate? 

Since 2010, graduates from approximately 30 different countries have successfully completed placements through ScotGrad. You can read some of their success stories here.

It is however essential that you are fluent in written and spoken English and ensure you are compliant with UK Visa and Immigration requirements. 

There are a number of visas available to you depending on which country you come from and your particular situation; e.g. for Tier 2 sponsorship, you need to ensure that the job is at a level suitable for sponsorship and paying the associated salary (which will not be less than £20,800 – this applies to all offers of employment after 6th April 2017 for New Entrants). Tier 2 (Intra company transfer) sponsorship, relates to being employed as a Graduate Trainee and in this case, the salary offered must be a minimum of £23,000, again, this applies to all offers of employment after 6th April 2017.