Picture Credit: Andrew Duke / HIE

What type of organisation is eligible for a ScotGrad placement?

Your organisation must be based in the Highlands and Islands and you must be an account managed or supported client by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Please check with your local contact at Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

What are the costs involved?

We will advertise the agreed placement project through our channels for free, however any additional promotion would have to be at your own cost. You will have to cover the cost of the graduate’s or student’s salary, and any associated set up costs to enable your graduate/ student to undertake their project. Further information can be found on our eligibility page. Your organisation may be eligible to have part of their salary funded (see below).

Can I receive funding support?

Depending on the type of placement, project eligibility and location, you may be eligible to receive funding for your graduate or student placement project. Further information is available through your Highlands and Islands Enterprise contact. If you do not have a local contact, please get in contact with the ScotGrad team.

When can I advertise for a placement?

ScotGrad approved graduate placement projects are advertised all year round. Our Highlands and Islands based Student Placements take place annually between June and September (although some term-time placements may be available) and we accept enquiries from the beginning of each year until mid-May.

International Business Explorer placement opportunities are available to be advertised throughout the year. 

The Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme placements are advertised in February each year.

How long does the application process take?

The length of the process depends on how long it takes for your organisation to agree the project outline and finalise funding, before registering and uploading the placement vacancy.

In the Highlands and Islands once your placement project and funding has been agreed, the ScotGrad team will prepare the placement advert for you and post it online on your behalf  We recommend advertising placements for about 2-3 weeks and your organisation can start arranging interviews thereafter.

How does the process work?

Begin by speaking to your Highlands and Islands Enterprise contact to discuss your potential project ideas. Once agreed, your organisation can then register on the ScotGrad website, and if applicable, upload the placement. Once approved by the ScotGrad team this will be published online for candidates to apply. See our Getting Started page for more details.

How many graduates or students can my organisation employ?

Please speak to your Highlands and Islands Enterprise contact for further information.

What will my graduate or student do?

Graduates and students recruited through the ScotGrad programme will work on a defined project contributing to your organisation’s growth, but should not be involved in day-to-day activities. The project should result in tangible long-term benefits for the organisation, please see our Overview page for the types of eligible placements and for more information.

What qualification level will the graduate or student have?

ScotGrad is open to anyone studying or educated to HNC/HND, degree level, or higher. Depending on the nature of your project you can determine the level of qualification required.

Do I need to sponsor visas for international and non EU graduates and students?

Please note that ScotGrad has not carried out any background checks regarding the qualifications and visa documentation of applicants.  This is your responsibility before offering a position.

For specific questions regarding visas please contact info@talentscotland.com, or visit the UK Visa and Immigration or phone 0300 1234699.   

Do I pay for travel, accommodation or re-location?

No, the graduate or student is responsible for these costs. It is at your organisation’s own discretion as to whether assistance is offered.  If the placement location is in a remote/rural area we would encourage you to suggest suitable accommodation options.

How long can the placement last?

This will vary from project to project. Your Highlands and Islands Enterprise contact can advise.

Many organisations choose to either extend the placement or make it a permanent position, however the choice to do so is at your organisation's discretion.

Do I have to advertise the placement?

If your organisation has a potential candidate in mind who meets the ScotGrad eligibility criteria, the placement will not have to be advertised. However you should not make an offer of employment prior to the ScotGrad team approving your placement project and verifying the candidate’s eligibility.  To find out more, visit our Getting Started page.

What if graduates or students apply directly to me?

Please direct all applicants to apply via your organisation’s personalised application page on the ScotGrad website.

Who makes the final decision on who is appointed for the role?

Your organisation makes the final decision to who the right candidate is and the ScotGrad team are on hand at any time to provide assistance should it be needed. You should provide all candidates with constructive feedback throughout the recruitment process.

Do the graduates or students receive training or development?

There are training opportunities available for participating graduates and students, please speak to the ScotGrad Team for more information.