ScotGrad offers a range of paid project based placements for students throughout the year

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Placement opportunities are available with organisations across Scotland, providing students with a well-defined project. Placements provide valuable work experience whilst delivering tangible outcomes and making a real impact on the business.

Types of summer placements include:

Highlands and Islands Student Placement Programme
In the Highlands and Islands, ScotGrad delivers the Student Placement Programme on behalf of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.  This programme offers paid placements in the Highlands and Islands to students who wish to gain experience over the summer (8-12 weeks) and has now expanded to include digital technology work based placements, where there may be the opportunity to undertake an up to 22 week placement on a pro-rata basis during the academic year.  

Highlands and Islands Gaelic Summer Placement Programme
The Gaelic Summer Placement Programme offers paid placements in the Highlands and Islands to students who wish to gain experience over the summer which last from eight to twelve weeks, between June and September each year. These placement will have a focus on maximising Gaelic as an economic asset for the host organisation.

When you are successfully placed on a summer placement you will attend the two day ScotGrad Residential Training Course free of charge to sharpen your business skills.

Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme

The Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme gives students paid, relevant work experience in the life sciences sector. Placements last from eight to twelve weeks over June to September, and are based in dynamic organisations mainly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

International Business Explorer
International Business Explorer placements are facilitated by Scottish Enterprise and designed for post-graduate students to help businesses hoping to internationalise, or evaluate what steps it needs to start trading internationally or to increase international capability.

How do I get started?
First, check to see if you are eligible. Then, register for your free ScotGrad account, and view our current opportunities. Each placement will have specific requirements so please make sure you check these before applying.

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