ScotGrad Residential Training Course

Group of graduates

When you are successfully placed on a ScotGrad graduate placement in the Highlands and Islands, you will have the opportunity to attend our ScotGrad Residential Training Course free of charge.

The course has been tailored to help you deliver your placement project and sharpen your business skills. 

Tasks during the course include a full analysis of your host company, pitching, negotiation, and a presentation to a panel of judges selected by the ScotGrad team. It’s designed so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to the delivery of your placement project and further enhance your work with your employer. 

The course is provided at no cost to you or your host company and ScotGrad will also cover the cost of catering, accommodation, and in some cases travel. The course runs over four days in a residential setting, where you’ll meet other ScotGrads on placements across the region. It's a great way to network and learn from each other, as well as experience high quality support from our dedicated ScotGrad training team.

If you are a student who has successfully been placed on a Highlands and Islands student placement over the summer you will also attend a two-day residential course designed to sharpen your business skills.

If you are placed across the rest of Scotland, you will have access to a number of opportunities through the programme and you may have access to a tailored training day. The ScotGrad team will keep successful participants informed of opportunities via email and in our private LinkedIn group.

Check out photos from our previous courses on the ScotGrad Facebook page.

What ScotGrads said:

“It was great to get a bit of time out to reflect upon the things that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to on the day-to-day job. It highlighted the importance of treating my CV as a live document and continually keeping it up to date and the relevance of sales techniques. The business content is tailored to those, like myself, who didn’t know business lingo.”

"I have taken lots of action points from the various tools we used, for example, the SWOT analysis. Before starting the placement I wasn't really aware of other roles within a business, such as sales and operations, but have now learned how I fit into the business as a whole, how my role impacts other areas, and can make a difference to the organisation.”

“I’ve learned a lot this week, especially skills for pitching and how to distil something into 60 seconds without boring people to death! I have learned how to put tools and systems in place to analyse the business – very helpful as I have no business background.”

“I met three graduates on the course who we, as an organisation, can establish relations with for mutual benefit. It has been great to bounce ideas around between us.”

"Before I came on this course, I wanted to work in business, but didn't have the hard skills. The role-play exercises were really valuable - they prepared me for how to handle real life situations. I've learned so much that I could apply in my placement already - it's been amazing.”

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