Success Stories

ScotGrad and The Edinburgh Beer Factory

ScotGrad spoke to Roberta about her amazing marketing placement in the Food and Drink sector.

Published: 19/04/2016

Roberta Mesturini completed her degree in Italy in 2013 and, after living in Australia for a while, relocated to Edinburgh to start her career in Scotland. She is one of our newest ScotGrad Associates, based at a very new Food and Drink company - The Edinburgh Beer Factory.

ScotGrad Employer The Edinburgh Beer Factory     Roberta at her ScotGrad Placement

The Edinburgh Beer Factory is a family-run brewery based in Bankhead, Edinburgh, that is already making an impact on the industry. Roberta joined their very talented small-knit team in February this year, and is thoroughly enjoying her placement as the Graduate Marketing Assistant.

Roberta told us: "I am very grateful for this ScotGrad placement, as it is giving me the opportunity to help build a brand new business from scratch, getting to know it every single step of the way. EBF launched in November 2015, introducing Paolozzi, a flavoursome Munich style lager and, at the beginning of March 2016, I supported the release of our online shop. We plan to be in all the best outlets in key cities across the UK by the end of this year. I am assisting building our future export strategy, a very exciting project which will bring us distributing our product in Europe and, possible all around the world. I cannot wait to see more and more people enjoying our delicious beer!" 

Roberta also joined us at the ScotGrad Residential Training Course in April 2016, working alongside other graduates from varying sectors in Scotland.

"The course has been really useful and gave me a new set of eyes, and reinforced some of my ideas and projects for the future. I am looking forward to going back to my position and contributing to change."

Best of luck, Roberta!