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What is your company’s background?

Bardyke Chemicals Ltd is a chemical manufacturing company based in Cambuslang. We have about 18 employees and employed Campbell Vaughn on a ScotGrad placement as a Laboratory/Process Technician.

What did your graduate work on?

Campbell’s project was on the implementation and method development for new analytical instrumentation. He also worked on new product development.

What are the benefits of employing graduates?

Typically, there is a shorter training period for graduates and less handholding because they have already gained required skills through their qualifications. Employing graduates also helps in succession planning, especially in a small business like ours.

Graduates are also quick to take on early responsibility. Taking on a graduate on a placement is a great way to see the fit between the company and the graduate before deciding to take them on permanent role.

Campbell has proven to be a real asset to the company. He had to learn to use new instrumentation to work on developing methods required for our current and new products.

He also worked on product development from lab scale production through to bulk manufacturing. This was a large project which required quick chemical analysis before the next production stage.

After his placement, we decided to offer him a permanent role.

What can you offer graduates?

We offer real hands on experience with the opportunity for graduate’s views to be heard. The graduate also enjoys a variety of tasks and there is less hierarchy as we are a small organisation. There is lots of exposure to senior staff and due to our size, there is a greater likelihood of getting to know everybody; staff and clients alike.

What has been the impact of the graduate on your company?

Campbell’s work contributed to the completion of a large project with 100% customer satisfaction.

What are the future plans for your graduate?

We have offered Campbell full time employment with more roles within plant automation work alongside ISO 9001 accreditation.