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What is your company background?

Aubin was formed in 1987. We design and manufacture oilfield chemicals, specifically in the areas of cementing, stimulation, pipeline cleaning and maintenance, and some niche subsea chemistry.

What has the graduate involved in?

He’s been involved in the sales and marketing of both the pipeline cleaning products and the subsea chemistry.

This involved preparing and giving presentations to new and existing customers on the pipeline gels and gel pig technology.

Peter presented at a Decom North Sea conference to raise the industry awareness of the subsea pumpable buoyancy system we have developed.

He has also been of assistance to our QHSE co-ordinator with internal auditing and maintenance of our ISO quality management systems.

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

Aubin is in a period of rapid growth following some external investment and part of the growth plan is to expand our sales team.  We felt that the graduate programme was a great way to realise some of this growth.

How have you benefited from employing a graduate?

As Peter had not worked in the oil industry before, he did not join us with any preconceived ideas of ‘how things should be done’.

A lot of Aubin’s technology is quite unconventional and Peter’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn have already made him a valuable team member.

In addition to this, he has contemporary sales skills, some of which we have already incorporated into our account management plans.

What knowledge and skills has the graduate brought to your organization?

Well, Peter’s primary skills are in sales techniques and customer account management.  He also has good IT skills. These have been an unexpected benefit in areas like market research into potential new business areas for Aubin, such as the decommissioning sector.