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What's your company's background?

Aquila BioMedical is a specialised pre-clinical contract research company. We offer services for early-stage drug discovery in the areas of Autoimmune disease/MS/Immunology, Inflammation and Pain.

Why take on a graduate?

This was an excellent opportunity to take on a talented and enthusiastic graduate who fitted with our need to recruit at this level. Julie has undertaken training in particular tasks required for particular company services.

What has the graduate been involved with?

Julie has worked on the validation of a number of Aquila BioMedical's key services.

What's been the most powerful benefit?

As Aquila is in its early stages of start up, it was important financially to take on a graduate with strong scientific skills, with a demonstrable record of working hard. Someone who would hit the ground running, so to speak.

What knowledge and skills has the graduate brought to your organization?

Julie has sound scientific knowledge, spanning a variety of disciplines and a strong translational slant developed through her MSc. She is able to interpret the relevance of scientific data through to a clinical context. This is particularly important for the future direction of Aquila BioMedical.

The placement has worked well for both Julie and the company, and we have decided to take her on permanently. An all-round success story for the scheme.