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What’s your company’s background?

ADD was formed almost 25 years ago, and it’s now involved in distilling, warehousing, blending, bottling, and selling and marketing Scotch Whisky. The company was built on a trading/commodity sector basis, dealing mainly in bulk Scotch, but has now extended into cased products, and also into the premium sector of Single Malts.

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

We needed new skills to get us into the area of social networking, and to get our websites updated.
What knowledge and skills has the graduate brought to your organization?

As above, we did not have the appropriate skills to address these new areas of communication.

What benefits have you had from employing a graduate?

Without the graduate, we would not have been able to address these issues at all.
This is an excellent and cost-efficient way for a company like ours to recruit on a temporary basis, for work on specific projects, leading to recruitment on a permanent basis if the employee performs well, as in this case.