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Who are Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT)?

AMT is an SME based in Edinburgh that designs, makes and installs equipment for the thermal processing of liquids. The most common uses of the equipment are for pasteurising and sterilising foods and drinks.

The technology has a wide range of market applications in Industrial Biotechnology, Flavours and Fragrances, R&D Labs and Consumer products. The technology is currently being commercialised.

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

With new technology it is essential to demonstrate the benefits to our customers, before they will consider buying the equipment. This work is highly technical and requires a level of understanding and detailed application that comes from a graduate level individual.

Describe your graduate project?

The graduate project was to develop a testing facility for AMT.

This technical process involved: detailed technical discussions with food technologists and other scientists to define the objectives of processing the product; defining appropriate process parameters to realise these objectives; testing the process through a series of trials to achieve the required benefits and finally documenting the trials and providing reports to the customer.

How have you benefited from employing a graduate?

AMT has benefitted and continues to benefit from the services of the graduate. We now have a competent process for conducting customer trials and staff capable of doing the work. This has enabled AMT to leverage other resources and increases our capacity and capability to do customer trial work.

Were the placement objectives met?

The principal objective of the placement was to assist AMT develop a testing facility. This objective has been fully met. The evidence for this is that the graduate is now leading the testing of customer’s products routinely and satisfactorily. 

Overall, was the ScotGrad programme a positive experience for you?

The ScotGrad programme was a highly positive experience for AMT. The graduate has become a permanent and valued member of staff fulfilling a key role in the business.