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Tell us a bit about yourself.

Originally from Nigeria, after graduating from the Federal University of Technology Owerri in Mathematics and Computer science, I also obtained a Masters degree in Information and Network Security from Robert Gordon University (in Aberdeen). I am currently working as a Graduate Software Developer at Aridhia Informatics Limited on a ScotGrad placement, where I work closely with the data science teams to turn ideas into a reality for our clients in the health sector.

What have you learned during your placement?

There have been many benefits since joining Aridhia. Most importantly, the placement has greatly expanded my skill set through the use of various software languages which has increased my confidence in terms of writing elegant, reusable codes for our design projects.

In your opinion, what kind of impact has your role had on the company?

Since joining Aridhia, I have been able to join hands in solving some design implementation problems, worked on brand new projects that has helped to improve our products and services across health and social care services.

What did you think of the ScotGrad Residential Course?

I found it enjoyable in the sense that I gained useful information and strategies that have helped me to know more about our products, services and markets, as I believe the course was more tailored towards individuals that studied marketing and businesses. It gave me the opportunity to network with other graduates from different companies and disciplines, and it was interesting to share our thoughts and experiences with each other.

Any advice for other graduates?

I would advise my fellow graduates to be proactive, persistent and optimistic.

If you love a job go for it, remember to be realistic, everyone needs to start from somewhere... just like those people started from somewhere before getting to where they are right now.

What do you hope to do after your placement finishes?

I certainly can't thank Aridhia enough for the opportunity they have given me, not only to learn, but also I been given so much responsibility and get to work on projects that I enjoy. One of the best parts is that I've been made a permanent member of staff already!!