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How did you find out about the Summer Placement Programme?

I found out about the programme through JGC, my previous employers, who were interested in having me work over the summer to assist with Scottish Water contracts.

How is your summer placement related to your degree?

JGC are an engineering company based in Caithness. By working with JGC I gain essential work experience alongside a project management team which is directly related to what I am studying. I have also experience working as an Electrician so this also helps.

What have you learnt and what skills have you gained from your placement?

During my time at JGC I have learnt how to complete work documentation such as risk assessments and how to manage a project which are both essential aspects of a project management role.

What have you taken away from the training course you attended as part of the programme?

The training course has helped me become a more confident speaker when presenting to an audience. Before the programme I had issues with communicating clearly for everyone to understand but by attending the course Heather and Simon gave me a lot of helpful advice which I could take away and put into practice.

What would you tell other students about the summer placements?

Go for it. It’s a win-win situation as the student receives work experience which is essential now in such a competitive work environment and the company gets a member of staff to complete a project of their choice.

How do you think your placement experience will help you in the future?

Work experience whatever it may be shows that you want to work and you also want to learn. These characteristics are essential and will put me in a better position when applying for a job once I have completed my university course.