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What is your background?

In school all my main subjects were science based. The subjects that I thrived in were of also of a scientific basis. This led to me to study these subject areas at a more advanced level at university. 

I am currently in my 4th year at Glasgow Caledonian University studying pharmacology. Throughout my university career I have been heavily involved with other areas outwith my academic studies. I've been involved in numerous university open days, and I am currently becoming a student mentor for my final year at GCU. 

Why did you apply to the CV Competition 2015?

There are many graduates out there that have graduated with a high classification in their degree, but have failed to branch out and gain a position in their field. This programme gives you the opportunity to stand out from many other students, that may be applying to similar graduate positions that you are interested in. I entered the CV competition 2015 to gain an insight into the industry that I hope to pursue a career in. My summer intern at Biopta gave me the insight which most courses at university do not. If you cannot make a decision on what your future study/career plans are, then the summer placement could possibly help you in making the crucial decision for the future. I felt that by undergoing a summer placement it would help me understand more clearly the different roles involved in the life science industry. 

What appealed to you about your placement?

The company that I had my summer placement with was Biopta. This is the leading company focused on the use of fresh functional human tissues in drug development. I am a pharmacology student and I have a strong interest in all projects that Biopta undertake. In the application process, companies that genuinely stood out for me were the ones that were closely related to the course that I am currently studying at university. I felt that the specific placement I applied for would be beneficial in expanding my current knowledge - not only pharmacology, but the industry itself. 

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to students?

This is an amazing opportunity and is something that will be an asset to your CV. If you are lucky enough to be successful, the only advice I could offer you is to throw yourself right into your summer placement. Don’t hold back, and enjoy every minute of it. The more you put into your placement, the more you will gain out of the overall experience. It’s a great chance to work as part of a team and meet lots of new people.