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So Corrie, What’s your background?

I studied Computer Science at Moray College UHI and following my summer placement with HexWar I entered the Degree Year of BSc (Hons) in Computing (Computer Application Software Development) at Robert Gordon University.

I really like developing skills in game design, mobile applications and digital art.  I have represented the University on multiple occasions, including on a public panel debate discussing "Technology and Gaming in Education". In my spare time I work as a freelance web developer for clients who want an online presence utilising the latest web technologies. I have recently rereleased a game, The Xoid and I am now thinking about starting my own game development business.  Have a look at my website if you want more of an idea about what I do:

Could you tell us a bit about your placement?

I was a Junior Games Developer with HexWar Ltd who are based at the Hunted Cow Studios in Elgin. The overall objective for the placement was to complete four new games based on the American Civil War: Stonewall, Drive on Washington, Wilsons Creek and Pea Ridge. I was scripting missions, working on developing a new IOS game based on the American Civil War using XML and Objective C. As the games were historical I really enjoyed reading about the battles of the Civil War where these games are set, and learning about some American history that I previously had not researched. Developing in the HexWar engine has also made me appreciate the Unity engine and the freedom it gives to game developers like me.  I also had the opportunity to work with PC support for steam integration. The games were initially released on iOS mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad and could easily ported over to OSX.

What did you like most about the placement?

Interacting with multiple teams such as art and game engine developers showed me the back workings of developing a game in an open floor planned studio. All the developers were in one room and if an issue arose you could discuss anything with them and almost instantly find a solution. Developing an idea into a reality is what I personally enjoy most about software development and digital art.

What did you learn and what skills have you gained through your placement?

The project highlighted areas of weakness such as desk checking code before it is released even if it had been play tested. It improved how quickly I can read xml code, which is a useful skill of being a software developer as these types of files are often configuration files for software and used in most cases of application development. I learned to work closely with my colleague on the project and we made an effective team with the advantage of discussing ideas and programming workarounds in xml. In addition my time management with the agile development methodology improved.

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