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What was your role?

I studied Policy Studies at Edinburgh, and now I’m a Policy Officer – I still can’t believe how well it worked out. My experience of ScotGrad has been brilliant.

How did you find the application process?

A lot of corporate graduate schemes involve overly long applications for a position that’s almost impossible to get. ScotGrad offered a fantastic job aimed at graduates, without that hassle. Also, as the job was a specific one, and not just part of a generic Graduate scheme, it was just what I wanted. It also meant there was flexibility in the role, and both it and myself have developed over the past year.

What did you get out of your placement?

I’ve now had the opportunity to really use my skills and the feedback has been very positive. Before, I would have been nervous attending meetings, and had little confidence in my own abilities.  It’s given me the confidence to think that I actually can make a career out of what I studied.

What are your future career plans?

My post has now been made permanent. The role was a new one in a newly merged organisation, and I feel like this year was a test of both myself and the role. I was given the chance to prove myself, and prove the benefit of having a Policy Officer. It has been a great experience and has set me up for a career, either within this organisation, or elsewhere. I feel it was incredibly lucky to find a job that suited me exactly. If it hadn’t been for ScotGrad then the position might not have been there for a recent graduate.

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