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What's your background?

I am from Alloa and graduated from Heriot-Watt University, with a BA Hons in Design for Textiles (Fashion, Interior, Art). Although primarily a design course, there was a strong emphasis on the business and marketing side of the industry to enable us to start up our own businesses if we wanted to.

Why did you apply?

During my time at uni, I discovered that I really enjoyed marketing. It was a way to stay creative, but with a business aspect too. This, plus my experience of working in pubs and clubs meant the role of Online Communications Assistant with multiple pub operator Maclay Inns was the ideal opportunity for me.

What have you learnt?

Everything from learning how to use content management systems in order to keep the websites and intranet up to date, to creating and analysing email campaigns, and everything in between! It has been really interesting to gain first hand experience, because it has shown me it's not only important to have a good marketing plan in place, but also to be able to react quickly to sudden changes within the company.

What did you take away from the training course?

It was a chance to meet new people and share our experiences. It also gave me ways to put into practice the business knowledge that I learnt while at university. I really enjoyed the pre-training tasks too, as they gave me the chance to get a deeper insight into the company that I am working for.

Any advice for other graduates?

Always have passion for whatever you do, and think outside the box when looking for jobs. Even though I studied textiles, I am using all the skills I gained on that degree. I am just applying them differently...and gaining a whole load of new skills and knowledge along the way too!