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What's your background?

I'm from India and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi University in 2006. Then, I worked for an automotive parts manufacturing firm for a year, before moving into consulting with a London-based firm. I was there for about two years, working in different industrial sectors, from pharmaceuticals and food products to defence and automobiles. I felt like a change, something new and different, so I studied for my Masters.

Some friends on their Masters programmes in Scotland suggested studying there. I was accepted for a Masters degree in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh.

Why did you apply?

I completed my Masters in 2011 and was looking for work experience. I saw the ad for the role of Market Research Analyst with Don & Low on the University's job portal, which was similar to the role I was doing in India, and my application was successful.

How have you benefited?

This was my first break in this country as far as jobs are concerned, and I think it's a very good way of associating graduates with the industry. The management team at Don & Low also told me that they were finding it difficult to find the right person for the role and this was the solution for them, so I think it works both ways.

My role at the company determines both which prospective clients the company wants to pursue, and the various applications they can exploit with their new and existing product line-up. I get to work in close co-operation with colleagues at management level and the people who make business decisions. This gives me good experience and strengthens my CV for the future.

The chance to research new ideas and strategies, and then watch them being discussed or implemented by the top brass of the company, is very encouraging.

Any advice to other graduates?

I think it's important for graduates to be flexible, and gain experience wherever they can. That adds to their skill set and can then be applied in different areas. There is something to learn in any job and there is always room for making improvements in any workplace.

Employers these days want people with a wide range of skills and experiences, so if you are trying to stay on a single track then you are probably restricting your options.

This Programme is right on your doorstep and offers many opportunities, which makes it a good resource for fresh graduates to take advantage of.