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ScotGrad Associate Rens van Meegan

We got in touch with ScotGrad Associate Rens van Meegan to find out more about how his placement is empowering people all over the world.

Published: 26/02/2016

Rens van Meegan, originally from the Netherlands, took up a graduate placement through ScotGrad with Tree of Knowledge in 2015. He moved to Edinburgh about a year and a half ago, right after finishing his BSc. in Psychology.

“The reason for moving to Scotland had all to do with the fact that my girlfriend, who I met at a music festival in Berlin a year before, was living here. Almost as fast as I fell in love with her back then I also fell in love with Scotland and have been absolutely enjoying living here since.”

Three days before his dissertation was due, Rens was offered a position at Tree of Knowledge, and his ScotGrad placement started in August last year. Tree of Knowledge aims to promote the importance of fun and working within a broad range of learning environments. The company helps young people, students, teachers, employees, and those who are unemployed to improve their attainment, productivity, employability choices and ultimately to get the most out of their lives.

“We believe that people are more likely to fulfil their dreams when feeling confident and empowered.”  

Rens told us that his placement combines public speaking with elements of research and development of new content, as well as marketing and promotion – a busy role to say the least!

“On a weekly basis, I deliver courses in secondary schools all over Scotland and the North of England. The courses are workshop-like and tailored to the phase the pupils are in (we offer courses from P6 to S6). For example, our fourth year course is called ‘’laugh in the face of exams’’ and is focussed on understanding certain things about how our brain works and how we can use that to our own advantage, study skills, relaxation methods and positive thinking.”

Rens Van Meegan Tree of Knowledge ScotGrad Placement 

Tree of Knowledge are an extremely passionate small company, who believe in the tangible benefits that first class motivational speaking, team building and management workshops can bring.

“We want to make a difference to the world we live in and to do so, we believe we need to encourage, empower and motivate forthcoming generations. We deliver fun, continuous, sustainable learning that helps pupils and teachers share knowledge and work together. We passionately want to help young people throughout the world.”

The company also provides motivational seminars and team building exercises to other companies, to help employees reach their full potential and have much more fun at work. Their unique programmes have also inspired long term school refusers to re-engage with education, and helped the unemployed gain employment. You can see an overview of all the different courses they run here.

“We will inspire the world” 

Rens doesn’t see any sign of things slowing down, as the company kick-starts 2016 with new courses, unique events, and a brand new Instagram account.

“So far, we have helped over 500,000 young learners, students, teachers and employees improve their attainment, productivity, and get the most out of their lives.”

Interested in finding out more about Rens’ placement and Tree of Knowledge? Get in touch with them below:

Photo: Rens travelling to a course in the Scottish Highlands.