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Kelly and Rachael ScotGrad Graduates


Scottish SME thecyclejersey takes on two graduates

At our recent training course, we met Kelly and Rachael who are working together to design and market custom printed cycle jerseys.

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Food for thought


Food for thought

With the long hours spent studying for exams we often forget about our diets, but certain brain foods can increase our concentration, memory or simply improve our mood! Here are some of the best foods to boost your revision.

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Exam revision top tips

Exam season at university often brings back ghosts of exams past, and many of us fall into bad habits, or struggle to focus. However that doesn’t have to be the case. One of ScotGrad’s programme managers, Kelly Barbour, shares her top tips to improve your revision.

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Eleanor Eureka Solutions


Eureka moment for GCU graduate

Eleanor McGowan, a graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University joined Eureka Solutions last summer on a ScotGrad placement. She tells us more about her role.

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the letters A to H


The A to Z of ScotGrad placements

Janice Wallace from the ScotGrad team has broken down the basics to gaining and succeeding in your ScotGrad placement – it’s as easy as ABC.

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Joanna Wawrzyczek1


Joanna Wawrzyczek's project management placement

Originally from Poland, Joanna Wawrzyczek moved to Scotland to study and is now working for Helmsdale & District Development Trust.

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Elia News Hub Photo


Aberdeen Uni graduate works on revolutionary bone graft project

After graduating with a first class honours degree, Elia Riboni Verri took on a short term placement with Sirakoss in Edinburgh.

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Diane Bruce Gaelic placement


Gaelic Placements at ScotGrad

Think ScotGrad only offers English-speaking placements? Think again. Diane Bruce and Rowan Paterson tell us about their Greisean-gnìomhachais Ghàidhlig (Gaelic placements).

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Scottish SME takes on talented textiles graduate

After achieving a 1st class degree and travelling round the world, Gemma returned to Scotland to start her career in textiles through ScotGrad.

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1 - 9 of 23 results