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ScotGrad Associate Nikki Whyte

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a ScotGrad Associate might look like? Nikki at Equi's gives us an insight into her placement...

Published: 26/02/2016

No two ScotGrad placements are ever the same, and we can bet each day brings our Associates new challenges and projects to work on. We caught up with Nikki Whyte, a current ScotGrad Associate at Equi's (makers of delicious ice cream), to find out more about her role.

8.45am - I arrive at work to an already busy yard - our drivers have started to load their vans with the day’s deliveries. Equi’s is split into three sections - production (ice cream makers and drivers); office staff (admin, sales and marketing) and retail (restaurant, ice cream parlours) - so the building is a hive of activity from 7am until 10pm, when the restaurant/parlour closes.

9.00am - I go through my emails adding anything that requires further action to my to-do list from the previous night. Then it’s time for the most important part of the day - the first tea/coffee run (working for an Italian company has its perks and good coffee from our restaurant is definitely one of them).

 Equis Coffee Shot for Nikki ScotGrad

10.00am - Once I’m fully caffeinated I have a look through Twitter and Facebook, respond to any comments and make notes of what’s trending - if there’s something that’s relevant to our company (food related or anything to do with animals normally - our followers love a cat picture) I adjust my social media schedule to suit. I then go over the analytics on our social media channels paying particular attention to advertising campaigns and make any necessary adjustments. I collate this information for our factory meeting and to use later when I create the weekly marketing report for our Managing Director, David Equi.

11.30am - Factory meeting time! In the run up to award season we start our meetings by testing new flavours (yes, it’s a hard life at Equi’s). As an artisan ice cream manufacturer, our production team are always creating quirky flavours and trialing different combinations. Last year we won our first Great Taste Award (pretty much the Oscars of the UK food industry) for 3 of our flavours so we’ve set the bar pretty high for 2016. In the factory meeting we catch up with what’s going on in each department. Production give me a list of any notable trays they’re made and after the meeting I head down to the factory with my camera to take pictures to use on social media and on the Equi’s blog.

Flavour Lab ScotGrad Placement Testings

2pm - We recently won a contract to start selling 3 new lines in another supermarket so I’ve been waiting on the proofs for packaging from our graphic designer. The lead time for printing the packaging and the launch date for our new range mean that we’re quite tight for time so as soon as the email comes through I head down to see the production manager to make sure that all of the nutritional information is correct and it adheres to our brand guidelines.

3pm - I have a meeting with our sales team about our Aberdeen franchise which is due to open next month. I’m working with the sales team and the new store manager to create a marketing/PR strategy to create a bit of buzz around the opening and to spread brand awareness. I’m also going to be managing their social media accounts so I also have to consider a content plan, bespoke graphics and give the store manager a suggested advertising budget.  

5pm - Normally around this point in the day I’ll have a quick catch up with David to let him know how things are going and he’ll let me know if there are any projects he wants me to work on over the next couple of days. I’ll have a final check on social media, assessing how our posts are doing and replying to any comments and then I’ll create my to-do list for tomorrow.

5.30pm - I head out the door and contemplate going to the gym to work off that ice cream, but decide against it. There’s Netflix to be watched...


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