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Describe your general thoughts on the ScotGrad programme and what it has done for your career.

I can’t praise it highly enough. Working with a small business sounded amazing - I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left Stirling University. I definitely didn’t think I’d be doing web design! I have been given so much responsibility and get to work on projects I enjoy.

What have you taken away from our Residential Course?

The residential training course was an incredible part of the experience and I found it very enjoyable. I came back to work with a few ideas that was able to propose to Managing Director and Technical Director, and then implement. I now feel more confident speaking to clients on the phone, especially when money is involved. I'm grateful for the practice and experience.

What kind of impact has the placement had on you personally and professionally?

Working with a small business was a gut feeling that I’m happy I went with - I didn’t want to be a little cog in a big machine. I would never have imagined the massive range of projects I’d be working on and the experience to be gained.

In your opinion, what impact did your placement have on the company?

Since joining Lyles-Sutherland, the company has grown in size and they continue to hire more staff. I was the first person they hired, using ScotGrad. I want to stay with the company and be part of our success in the future - it is exciting to be involved in their story!