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How did your 12-month project help you?

One of the biggest benefits of working with Harris Tweed Hebrides was the practical general working experience I gained. I learnt a lot about working in teams and working with different types of people - from mill staff to the general public. I was also lucky enough to be offered a place on a training course by my employer, which was taken by a professor from MIT.

How useful was the training during your placement?

Well, it acted as a refresher for some aspects of my degree. I had covered a lot of the marketing and finance content at university, but saw how beneficial it was for my peers that hadn't studied business. The sales seminar was useful because it gave us a chance to work on our presentation skills which I'm sure every graduate had to use at some point over their year.

How did you apply what you had learned during your training to your project?

The presentation skills we developed and networking skills we learnt at the graduate training helped in all many aspects throughout the year, as I had to speak to colleagues and customers about my work.