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What's your background?

I’m from Yorkshire originally. I went to college in Winchester before studying at the University of Edinburgh. I completed an MA Hons in Spanish and History, with a first class distinction in Spanish. I decided to stay in Edinburgh because I really like the city.

I came across TalentScotland (now ScotGrad) when I began looking for jobs. Through them I found my role as Business Development Manager with Scotland’s Attractions, a start-up company.

I worked with the general manager to develop the business, but I’m also continuing my professional development and hope to start a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification.

Why did you apply for the placement programme?

I found that it’s very difficult to find a job in anything to do with business if you’ve got an arts degree. The graduate programme is a good stepping-stone to get into a company. The employers understand that you might not have a business-related background, but they’re willing to accommodate that and help train you.

How have you benefitted from the programme?

Besides the three-day residential training course, I was also involved in some of the discussions with people from the TalentScotland programme on LinkedIn. This is quite useful as you felt like you had additional support there.

Any advice for other graduates?

I think that it’s really important to use LinkedIn and make sure that your details and qualifications are up-to-date. Recruitment companies use social media a lot now. The job market is very competitive at the moment and I think, as a graduate, you have to take opportunities that come your way and not think about money so much as about the opportunities you're going to get.

The graduate placement can also help with training for future opportunities, which can be really useful.