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What’s your background?

I come from Edinburgh, but studied Golf Management in Dornoch and graduated with a BA Golf Management from the University of the Highlands and Islands. I love golf and really wanted to work in that industry.

Why did you apply to the Graduate Placement Programme?

Simple. I applied because I wanted to work at Royal Dornoch Gold Club. I felt it would be good for my CV. I also needed a job and had no money!

What project were you involved in?

There were numerous roles. I created and ran the Meet & Greet Service. I also project-managed the Golf Highland website, and analysed customer data on where our golfers come from. That’s now used for marketing purposes.

What about the training course you attended as part of the placement?

It gave me a better understanding of my employer, what skills I’m good at, as well as what I could learn to develop my career. Good things covered were: negotiating, public speaking, finances and interviewing.

Any advice to other graduates?

A placement will benefit you because they offer great external training, as well as  good opportunities to develop new skills. You can get to work with businesses that  really do want passionate young employees in unusual parts of Scotland.