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What project were you involved in?

Software Engineering is all about creating software and websites. My placement involved learning and using programming languages such as VB.NET, HTML and Javascript. But that was just the beginning. It’s also about deciding what a software system needs to do to solve a real-world problem, and designing a solution that meets those needs. Then, developing, testing and maintaining it. No project is ever without unforeseen challenges, of course!

What impact has the placement had on you, personally and professionally?

Personally? Well, I improved a lot of things. My self-motivation, adaptability, knowledge of languages, culture of working environment, team working and time-management.

Professionally, I Improved my ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations, as well as my professional communication skills,  computer skills and ability to solve problems.

And, of course, now I have a permanent job with C2 Software.

How useful was the training offered as part of your placement?

It helped me to understand basic business skills like pitching, SWOT analysis and negotiation. That helped me to tackle projects with clients, as well as some other business tasks that came up during my placement.
How did you use your skills, knowledge and competencies from your time at university?

The knowledge and skills from my university were a strong base for this placement, and for my IT career. I used those skills and knowledge in all my projects and tasks, they were especially important when it came to hitting deadlines!

Would you recommend the TalentScotland (now ScotGrad) Graduate Placement Programme to other graduates?

Definitely. It's a real opportunity to kick-start your career with one of Scotland's companies. Like with me, they can place the right graduate in the right role.