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Why did you apply for a ScotGrad placement?

After graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a BA Honours in Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, I was eager to find a challenging marketing role with an SME. While most job posts require years of experience, those on ScotGrad are specifically aimed at graduates - those who have the knowledge, but need more of the experience.

What was your role?

I was looking to apply my skills and marketing knowledge to a growing, eco-friendly company. Jutexpo’s unique, ethical compliance and distinctive products really grabbed my attention. My graduate role involved creating and implementing a marketing plan, and developing the company's online presence through company newsletters and blogs, social media posts, SEO, and introducing a new website. The role soon evolved as I was actively encouraged to expand into a wider ranging marketing role, including press relations, copy writing, and sales.

What other projects did you get involved in?

As a reusable bags company, the major project over the past two years has been creating awareness of the bag charges in Scotland and England. Writing press releases and speaking to local and national news organisations provided fantastic press relations experience, while relating the key details of the charges to Jutexpo’s supermarket and high street clientele advanced the company’s reputation and increased brand awareness. We improved the sales process and strengthened the company’s marketing channels. 

I have also contributed to the promotion of a number of our exciting charity bag projects with designers Lulu Guinness, Amanda Wakeley, and Emma Bridgewater designing bags for Red Nose Day, Royal British Legion and EACH, which were then sold in the supermarkets. One of the most recent projects was helping ScotGrad create a range of jute bags for their October Careers events.

I was also involved with the recent hiring process here, which has now doubled the marketing and sales teams in Scotland... one of our new staff was taken on through ScotGrad!

What have you learnt by taking part in the programme?

Having joined Jutexpo in 2013, I have been able to use my knowledge practically in the working environment. I have learned more about the processes of business and sales, utilised and improved the sales process, and furthered my marketing experience and personal development. I have risen in the company to Marketing Manager and am now responsible for a new team, helping them develop the same way I did.

Based on your experience, what advice do you have for other graduates?

I would highly recommend any student or graduate to seek employment and experience through the ScotGrad programme. The application process is thorough, and the help and advice during training weeks significantly help personal development within your placement company. You have far more chance finding a suitable, emerging company that you can grow and develop with.

I would also recommend students to get as much experience as they can pre-graduation, identifying what industry they would like to work in or what kind of company they would like to work for. Their personal skill-sets and ambitions will clearly show in their applications and give them good standing in the interview selection process.

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