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What’s your company’s background?

Labels4Kids has been trading for over eight years, selling personalised name labels to the children’s market and also some corporate labelling solutions. We were looking to expand the business further internationally, optimise the French website and better understand the French market, in particular.

What piece of work was the graduate involved in?

The French graduate we took on worked on expanding our presence in France, getting our social media active in France, blogging, and analysing our competition. This worked well and effectively grew our business from France in a small way for now, but our rankings on the search engines increased much more dramatically.

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

We have been selling internationally for a few years now, but had not employed a native speaker in the office to handle social media and other ways of expanding abroad. This was of great use to us and her additional expertise in other areas, like photoshop, also came in useful for redoing our marketing material in four other languages, and sourcing cheaper printing of these items online.

What benefits have you had from employing a graduate?

By employing a graduate in this position, we made an active push into the French market, and also a smaller push into Spain. Although the economies in both places affected the sales increase we saw, we are pleased that Labels4Kids is now becoming known in both countries. Hopefully, we’re now more likely to see further sales in our busier period over the summer.

What knowledge and skills did the graduate bring to your organization?

We have learnt that having multilingual staffing is definitely the way to go for our organisation. Also, having photoshop will also be beneficial in future for our photography, social media and marketing material. We have currently recruited another graduate and are looking into a third with the same system.