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What’s your company’s background?

Harris Tweed Hebrides (HTH) is an award-winning Textile Company operating in a growing global market place, offering a luxury product range to a wide variety of customers and clients. Founded in late 2007, we’re generally credited with having revitalised the industry and taken the fabric into the front-line of 21st century fashion and design. HTH export to over 50 countries and their customers have included Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Vivienne Westwood.

Why take on a graduate?

We needed someone to develop bespoke and tailored information packs on our products, to proactively explore and research emerging brands and key trends, and develop HTH’s retail arm.

What has the graduate been involved with?

Besides what I mentioned above, during her placement Ruth assisted to establish our retail operation, a new project for our business. Our retail operation, which includes a shop in Stornoway and an e-commerce site, is now managed by Ruth and is a vital part of our business, particularly as we continue to develop new international markets for our cloth.

HTH now have a new showcase for the brand in Stornoway which can be a point of information for those interested in finding out more about what the company offers. After the completion of her placement project, Ruth has been kept on as a Retail Manager for Harris Tweed Hebrides.

What’s been the most powerful benefit?

Participating in the HIE Graduate Placement Programme gave us an opportunity to recruit new skills into our business, while ensuring we are employing people who are keen to learn about the world of international fashion and textiles in which we operate. Ruth's formal qualifications ensured she started her work placement with a good awareness of the industry. This allowed her to develop and focus the skills required to succeed within a manufacturing environment like ours.

What knowledge and skills has the graduate brought to your organization?

Ruth’s broad mix of marketing skills coupled with her Fashion qualifications made it possible to deliver our project efficiently, and make a real impact on the brand.