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What's your company background?

GT Biologics is a spin-out of the Rowett Institute University of Aberdeen. The company is developing new biotherapeutics for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We attracted a multi-million pound investment to work on the clinical development of our lead products.

Why take on a graduate?

The Board of Directors identified that we needed a full-time business manager, and it was agreed that we'd look for a graduate. Katrina was appointed to support day-to-day business activities, and help create a business plan with detailed market analysis.

What's your graduate involved in?

Katrina has made a major contribution to the running of the business and preparing the business plan we needed to secure the investment. This was essential to ensure that the company could hit its targets and attract investors.

What's been the most powerful benefit?

We've employed Katrina full-time now, and she's brought a strong work ethic and drive to learn. We are keen to help her progress her career in future. Overall, it is an excellent programme

What knowledge and skills have you gained as a company?

Katrina brought strong business skills in market research, business plan writing and reporting, and financial accounts management and book-keeping. She has been key to the overall due diligence process that resulted in a major investment in GT Biologics.