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What's your company background?

We're a company operating in the ever-fast evolving technology and electronics sector, always have to be on the lookout for opportunities to bring world-leading Near-To-Eye (NTE) microdisplay technology to new markets. Currently we supply companies in areas as diverse as military training and simulation, medicine and cinematography. We're very interested in exploring opportunities in the consumer entertainment sector.

Why take on a graduate placement?

We brought in Gavin Moffat, a qualified marketing graduate, for a six-month internship. He was tasked with researching the opportunities in this market, involving a new and exciting, fully immersive, entertainment experience from Forth Dimension Displays.

What's your graduate involved in?

The entertainment project is built on the idea of having the ForthDD microdisplay integrated into a Head Mounted Display (HMD). This will allow the user to experience a fully immersive videogame demo. This was showcased at two well-known entertainment trade shows, and this was the project Gavin has thoroughly enjoyed working on.

Gavin puts it best himself actually: "I really like how I can get fully involved in the ideas for the project and make myself heard at meetings. I am also responsible for organising many aspects of our visit to the events."

"This is not what you would usually expect from an internship and it really has given me a great opportunity to develop my future marketing career."

What's been the most powerful benefit?

Having Gavin on board has helped us really exploit the opportunity to showcase ForthDD and its delivery of a high quality, 3D immersive experience at two important shows. This has helped us get engagement from those involved in the gaming market and make the vision for entertainment-focused HMD applications a reality.