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What's your company's background?

C2 Software was formed in 1997 by an experienced team of business-orientated professionals. Today, we have 17 employees - a team of specialist software engineers and consultants. We operate throughout the UK and have a proven reputation for delivering innovative Customer Relationship Management and Web Content Management System solutions.

What has the graduate been involved in?

Karthik was very much involved with various Web Content Management implementation programmes for our clients.

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

We wanted to expand the service offerings we could offer to prospects and clients.

How have you benefited from employing a graduate?

Well, it helped us to successfully adapt to a strategic business change i.e. the expansion of service offerings to prospects and clients. Ultimately, it meant that the company was better able to react to demand and take advantage of increased sales opportunities.

What knowledge and skills has the graduate brought to your organization?

Karthik had the basic IT knowledge required to allow us to further develop his technical skills to a standard that could deliver our portfolio of services.