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Who are Blazing Griffin?

Blazing Griffin is an independent digital entertainment studio based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Founded in 2011 as a game development studio, the company has grown from a team of three to a group of companies including a game development, film production and television post-production studios with 25 staff based in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Together, all three companies are working across the same projects from different angles, as well as projects and clients unique to each. As the company continues to expand, the focus on cross platform storytelling and technology will only grow and improve.

Why did you decide to take on a student?

Our company is interested in the Chinese market but we lack the language skills in-house to do the necessary research that the project requires.

Being able to work with a current post-graduate student was a great way to find someone with the skills we needed.  As a growing business we don’t always have the funds to expand the team as we would like, so taking on a student on a temporary basis allows us to explore more options.

Describe your project?

We are shooting a film in China next year, and were looking to understand better the regulatory framework surrounding the industry there, as well as have introductions to potential partner companies. 

Has your company benefited from taking on a student?

Yes, all the required work was completed and Yibei was great to work with. She used her own initiative and contacts back home to add a lot of value to her role and to our business. Her knowledge and understanding of the local market and in particular, popular culture and trends was invaluable to us and allowed us to guide the project towards being suitable for the Chinese market.

Were the placement objectives met?

The placement objectives were met - we now have a good understanding of what is required to film and release in China, have completed research on potential partners, as well as an introduction to a company we are likely to work with. Yibei fitted in well in our team and was great to work with. We’re sorry to see her go and wish her all the best with her future career.