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What is your background?

I'm from John O' Groats in Caithness and moved to Aberdeen after school to study management at the Robert Gordon University. Business management became my favourite subject at school and I was keen to continue my studies in the subject with a BA Hons Management degree. I am in my final year and have enjoyed the variety of modules undertaken throughout the course, especially those looking at Human Resource Management. My course also allowed me to go on placement for my third year which I spent working in the office at Curl Aberdeen. After university I would ultimately like to get a job back in Caithness.

What did you like most about your placement?

I enjoyed being able to work on a new project which I was responsible for and which would then help Caithness Chamber of Commerce provide support to their members and people in the area. It was interesting researching and finding organisations which could offer support to those wishing to start up businesses.

What did you learn and what skills have you gained from your placement?

It greatly developed my communication skills and confidence as I was contacting organisations on a daily basis. It also gave me practical experience of working within an office environment which I can apply in my future career. My placement project also helped prepare me for my dissertation in my final year. Not only did it give me the opportunity to develop my research skills it also gave me the idea for my dissertation.

What advice would you give to other students?

These 8-12 week placements are an invaluable experience to help enhance your CV and I would recommend anyone looking to gain practical experience to look at what ScotGrad can offer.