Programme Terms & Conditions

"The Company" is the employer organisation which agrees to employ the successful candidate who shall be known as “The Graduate”.

  • The Company agrees to provide the Graduate a project placement of three to 12 months.
  • The Company agrees to pay the Graduate a minimum of £16,000 per annum pro rata.
  • The Company will be responsible for paying Employers’ National Insurance contributions.
  • The Graduate will join the company as an employee on a fixed term contract and as such is subject to the company’s terms and conditions of employment.
  • The Company confirms that Employer’s Liability Insurance and appropriate Health and Safety procedures are in place, including, if your company has more than 5 employees, a written Health and Safety policy.
  • The Company agrees to provide appropriate project guidance for the Graduate and a nominated supervisor/manager will be appointed during the project period.
  • The Company agrees to release the Graduate on full pay during the Graduate's normal working time at the company so that the Graduate may attend training organised by the ScotGrad Partners.
  • The Company and the Graduate agree to contact from the ScotGrad Partners during the project period to establish project progress.
  • The Company and the Graduate should participate in an end of placement appraisal to record the project outcomes.
  • ScotGrad Partners will support the Company throughout the recruitment process.  ScotGrad Partners will advertise the post via, the Scottish University Careers Services, JobCentre Plus and various social media channels.
  • ScotGrad Partners will provide the following financial support:
    • Full cost of residential training course, not including wages.
    • Re-imbursement of reasonable (as determined by ScotGrad Partners) travel and subsistence to and from the residential training course, accompanied by relevant receipts.

Further financial support may be provided towards salary costs, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

The Company will be responsible for the following costs:

  • Additional advertising of the placement to the methods stated above
  • Where appropriate, travel and subsistence costs incurred by applicants invited for interview.
  • Travel and subsistence costs, additional to those for the residential training course detailed above, incurred during the course of the placement.
  • Any additional training required during the placement.

The Graduate must meet the following criteria, in order to be eligible to participate in the ScotGrad programme:

  • Have graduated with either HNC, HND, degree or postgraduate level from a further or higher education institution within the past four years
  • Not currently be studying full time
  • Have no more than one year's relevant (graduate level) work experience since last graduation