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What is your background?

I have a diverse background having originally grown up in the Middle East. I have a broad employment history in health care as well as in community service, having previously worked in a clinic in South America as a laboratory assistant, phlebotomist and translator, with language skills in both Arabic and Spanish. I am currently studying Immunology at the University of Glasgow as I enjoy the challenges of an ever-changing field.

Why did you apply to the programme?

I applied for the CV Competition 2015 as I wanted a new challenge for the summer. I knew if I was a lucky successful candidate, I would gain more skills that would give me the confidence to apply for even more jobs as I would have gained the experience needed for many that required it. 

What appealed to you about your placement?

What appealed to me about my specific placement was that it was a new innovation centre and it was offering a rotation around all sectors – giving me even more experience than I would have got from doing one role. The fact that it was an innovation centre gave me an opportunity to liaise with other companies as well, making connections for a lifetime. 

What are the key benefits of the programme?

I would recommend this programme to other students. The key benefit of taking part in a programme like this is gaining the necessary experience and employment history that will put your CV on top of the pile, so when you leave university with the connections you will make they will help shape your future, opening a door to many opportunities. 

Picture: Kimberley Jolly (IBioIC), Nadia, and Gordon McGuinness (SDS)