Success Stories

ScotGrad Associate Simon Secures Permanent Job

Simon’s placement has given him the space to develop professionally and get involved in different areas of an innovative business. He tells us about his experience working for an SME.

Published: 13/04/2017

In February 2016, I started a ScotGrad placement at Kyria, a technology company in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire. After a successful 12 month placement which saw me develop and grow, I became a permanent Kyria employee.

My job title at Kyria is Marketing Officer, and while I continue to perform Marketing and Communication duties, my role has significantly evolved since I first joined the company. After a successful trial period of User Testing software produced by our developers, I’ve also taken on the responsibility of being a User Tester at Kyria.

This change in role has not only impacted my day-to-day work at Kyria, but also my career trajectory as a whole. Building on my experience of website creation and management from previous jobs, this step into User Testing felt natural and has proven to be a big success, for both myself and the company.

My change in role at Kyria is the kind of career development that can happen once you start working at a smaller company. It goes to show that an employee’s set of skills and interests can go beyond the boundaries of what they are currently employed to do.

"Finding a place to work where you feel valued and supported is key for any graduate, and I feel very fortunate for landing a job at Kyria."

My ScotGrad graduate placement has proven to be a hugely valuable experience. It did much more than provide me with 12 months of full-time employment - it provided me a chance to prove myself and get a permanent job at the end of it. I believe part of what makes a placement such a valuable experience is this opportunity to prove yourself in new areas of work you hadn’t previously considered. I would encourage any graduate taking up a placement to consider what they really want to get out of the placement and think about asking for opportunities in new areas of work that interest them.

It can be difficult as a graduate to feel like you’ve made traction in your career after leaving university, but after completing my ScotGrad placement at Kyria and taking on a permanent position here, I really feel like that is the case. I feel very lucky that ScotGrad were there to help me take my career forward and make that next step.


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