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Learning the ABCs of IBioIC

Sophie Cassidy, a student at the University of Dundee, is currently on a paid 12 week summer internship with IBioIC. She shares her thoughts about the first few weeks...

Published: 03/08/2016

I received a very warm welcome from the team as I embarked on my 12-week internship at IBioIC.

Every day starts with the morning ‘Stand up’, when each team member describes their tasks and goals for that day. This is very insightful as it provides me with the understanding of what a typical day looks like in the Centre.

During the first few weeks, I worked with the Marketing and Communications Manager and started off with conducting an evaluation of the current website and a review of other company sites that share similar ambitions to IBioIC. This is to help inform the team about what additional development is required for the site going forward as the activity of the Centre increases. I then spent the remainder of my day familiarising myself with the activities of the Centre by reviewing the annual reports and strategic plan, and attending meetings with individual team members to learn about their roles in IBioIC.

I gained valuable knowledge about IBioIC and biotechnology from these meetings, including learning about “TRL” (which stands for technology readiness level), and the “circular economy”. I also learned about how the company is heavily connected within academia and discovered all the many ways in which IBioIC are involved in helping students make their mark in the biotechnology world.


 sophie on placement

 Sophie Cassidy - Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme 2016

In addition to the website, I am working on implementing branding guidelines. This involves standardising the branding of IBioIC, which includes not only the logo itself, but typography and its use in practice - on brochures and in presentations, for example. All this was new to me but I thoroughly enjoyed researching branding and did not appreciate the work that goes into the design of logos and brochures.

Whilst completing this, I had meetings with Maria, (the Administrator who keeps the well-oiled wheels of IBioIC turning) and learned about procedures & processes as well as an insight into Salesforce the Centre’s CRM system, and talked with the Project Coordinator and Funding Manager, learning about the type of projects that IBioIC undertakes.

At the end of my first week there was a monthly internal management meeting which I found to be very engaging. It gave me the opportunity to listen to the team and learn about how the company operates. I was intrigued by the way the team all worked together to solve issues and come up with new ideas. From attending meetings, I feel I have a better understanding of how a successful business works. After this, I had a meeting with the CEO which I found to be very beneficial. I felt privileged to be talking to someone with such a prosperous career and to receive career advice from him was very enriching as it provided me with some valuable thought-provoking ideas.

Overall, I feel that I have gained so much invaluable knowledge about not only IBioIC, but also about how a business functions. I am thankful to every team member for giving me their time and for being so accommodating. I feel like I am part of the team and hope to continue to learn and try my best to make a positive impact on the company during the rest of my internship.

Written by Sophie Cassidy, Student Intern at IBioIC.