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Jonathan Fairfoull Designs Innovative Prototypes at Aseptium

Continuing with our technology theme, Mechanical Engineering graduate Jonathan Fairfoull reflects on his graduate placement as an R&D Engineer with medical devices manufacturer, Aseptium.

Published: 19/01/2018

Mechanical Engineering graduate, Jonathan Fairfoull, joined the team at Aseptium to undertake innovative work designing prototypes to reduce infections caused by medical devices, thereby reducing the risk of healthcare acquired infections.

ScotGrad Jonathan Fairfoull Aseptium

Jonathan said: “The focus of my placement was on developing a washer-disinfector system which cleans medical tools in hospitals. I used my knowledge of 3D modelling and technical drawing to design and manufacture different components to be tested.

“Part of this included designing a device which reads the pressure of two pumps simultaneously whilst a machine is running, something that has already proved very useful and informative.

“It was great to be able to put into practice what I had learned at University and both had a similar approach in terms of being encouraged to continuously learn and innovate.

“It has been a positive transition from being a student to becoming an engineer in a lab and I am very grateful to the team who made it clear that the door is always open to ask questions or to ask for help with projects.

“I am also lucky that during my placement I have made so many contacts across a number of disciplines including engineering, biology, chemistry and business, all of which will be useful to me in my future career.”

Managing Director, Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, founded Aseptium in 2014 before relocating to Inverness in early 2017. He knew the importance of bright and enthusiastic graduate engineers in growing the business and received valuable support from ScotGrad.

Pawel said: “We were looking for eager graduates who were keen to learn and had the ability to think on their feet. As our business is growing rapidly we required a team who are able to perform well under pressure and multitask in a dynamic environment.”

Aseptium needed to build a team of talented engineers who could work together to produce new and innovative ways to ensure surgical equipment and medical devices are kept clean and hygienic, meeting the highest standards of cleanliness to mitigate the risk of infection in hospitals.

Pawel said: “Jonathan adapted quickly to the business, learning how to use the equipment in the laboratory, how products were designed and how he could apply new changes to the designs to make them better.

“Jonathan’s knowledge of 3D printing was an incredibly useful skill he brought to the business as this cut down the time it took to make prototypes allowing us to meet deadlines.

“Thanks to Jonathan we were able to expand the range of products we offer in this important field.”

Pawel has now utilised the services of ScotGrad four times to find more rising stars. One placement was for a Graduate Quality Management Systems Implementation Engineer and a work-based student placement, working remotely undertaking research for Aseptium during term-time.

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