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ScotGrad Jess Menzies helps launch GoIntro to UK market

After completing her Masters in business psychology, Jess was keen to take that first step on the career ladder. Three months into a ScotGrad placement at GoIntro, Jess tells us about her experience so far...

Published: 17/07/2017

Originally from Minnesota, USA, and having undertaken a degree in psychology and communications, Jess decided that she wanted to study in Scotland and undertake a further Masters in business psychology.

On completing her Masters and an internship, Jess was keen to take that first step on the career ladder. She wanted to work in a tech start up and get access to external mentorship, so a ScotGrad placement seemed like the ideal route.

Jess explained: “I heard about ScotGrad through Joe, the founder and managing director at GoIntro who was looking for a graduate marketer. It seemed like a great way to gain experience in a marketing role in an upcoming Scottish company with a great deal of support and security.”

In turn, Joe was keen to use ScotGrad due to the advantages it brought in helping the business find a suitable graduate, taking the headache out of going through a time-consuming recruitment process. 

Jess has now been at GoIntro for three months supporting the business which uses pioneering technology to enable universities to connect their students with employers in order to secure internships and graduate roles.

She is working on a specific project to launch GoIntro to UK markets by creating marketing strategies focused on reaching businesses and consumers as well as building a brand through a range of communication channels including social media, advertising and PR.

Photo of ScotGrad Jess Menzies

Speaking about her experience to date, Jess said: “The first three months have been both enjoyable and challenging. I quickly realised that I would be able to do more than just marketing and I have relished this opportunity. Not only have I been able to devise and implement marketing initiatives but I have also helped to shape the product, represent GoIntro at events as well as planning and hosting testing events.

 “I have already gained valuable experience and knowledge and my biggest learning curve so far has been managing and championing my own projects. Being a tech start up each member of the team needs to pull their own weight and more – which is rewarding and encourages rapid skill development.”

A further benefit for Jess has been the opportunity to work with external mentors both at ScotGrad and when the company was based at CodeBase – the UK’s largest technology incubator. This provided her with access to training sessions and to people with a range of skill sets for when she needs help and advice.

She added: “This has been an invaluable experience and one that I know I’ll be able to build on for the rest of my career.  It is giving me the opportunity to work under an excellent mentor who has trusted me to take on a whole range of tasks I may not have had the chance to do otherwise.

“I am focused on continuing to learn and grow as a marketer through the launch of GoIntro into the UK market and also want to ensure that I play a key part in its on-going growth and success.”

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