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Interview with ScotGrad Associate Emily Fraser

Emily Fraser joined the Lion Safety team in July 2016 on a ScotGrad placement, after graduating with first class honours in Media and Communications from Robert Gordon University.

Published: 20/04/2017

Roger Lewis, Lion Safety's Sales & Marketing Director, interviewed their ScotGrad Associate Emily to find out how successful she thought her first year had been since graduation.


Back to the Beginning

RL – “Emily, when we think back to the interview stage, what made you apply for the graduate role in the first instance?”

EF – “When I started looking for a graduate job, I wanted a marketing role with an emphasis on digital marketing. I had been looking on the ScotGrad website, and the placement with Lion Safety really stood out. I matched the skills and knew I could benefit the company. Seeing the opportunity to learn on the job with training opportunities was another catalyst for applying.

It was easy to tell that this was a passionate SME who were forward thinking and wanted big things. Researching Lion Safety before applying, there was a lot of potential and I knew there was so much I could do to take Lion Safety to the next level – which was really exciting!”


What You Need to Work Here

RL – “What would you say to anyone applying for the next placement advertised by Lion Safety?”

EF – “I’d say you need to be driven, enthusiastic, a team player and not afraid to take risks. There’s so many different personalities in the office, and everyone is passionate, hard working and wants to be successful. If you’re out-going with a thirst to learn and know how to creatively market products and services – this is the place for you!”


Putting Theory into Practice

RL – “In terms of all the skills that you had learned at RGU, would you be able to define how well have you been able to implement these in to Lion Safety’s strategy?”

EF – “I covered a wide range of topics in my degree that gave me a number of skills to take forward in the workplace. I had experience in a number of different digital and marketing areas, which I’ve used to my advantage here. I was extremely lucky that at RGU they emphasise putting what you learn in to practice. Using skills learnt at university as a starting point and base for Lion Safety’s strategy, I built upon those skills, strengthening the strategy as I’ve gone along!”


RL – “Would you be able to list some of main areas where you have been able to apply your education into your work experience here at Lion?”

EF – “Being able to create, implement and monitor strategies for different parts of the business has been a major benefit. A massive part of my course surrounded digital platforms and social media which I incorporated into Lion Safety’s strategy, becoming an integral part of the brand. My course also gave me experience in photoshop, video editing and web design which I put into practice here, creating a number of graphics for the company.”


Working Life at Lion Safety

RL – “Can you the list the three main factors that have made your work experience here above average?”

EF – “Number one would be the people. I can’t stress enough how wonderful my colleagues are. The office is constantly buzzing with laughter and nobody takes themselves too seriously. Saying that, everyone still works extremely hard. Everyone builds each other up and celebrates success together. Number two - the passion. Everyone here is passionate and wants the business to succeed, and that comes hand in hand with enjoying your job. Number three - it's a fast paced and challenging environment which is extremely rewarding. There is a lot of support here to do what you believe is best to take the company forward.

I get involved in every aspect of marketing in the company, which other graduates might not experience. My ScotGrad placement with Lion Safety has let me excel, kickstarting my career.”


RL – “Fantastic. In your mind, what would be the main projects that you have initiated that you would like to see carried forward with future success?”

EF – “I’d say creating and implementing digital strategies for integra.boot and Lion Safety, creating their online presence. Within a few months, I managed to strengthen both company's brand positioning and built brand awareness, especially by using social media and blogging."


The Final Say

RL – “Emily, thanks for the foundation that you have laid in your 1st year here within the marketing team. It has been a privilege to work with such a progressive and enthused person. As is often the case I am going to let you have the final say in this interview...”

EF – “Lion Safety has been an incredible company to start my career. The company has helped me to develop and strengthen my skills, while being an enjoyable, fun place to work. So thank you. Over and out!”


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This blog originally appeared on the Lion Safety website in April 2017.