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Meet Pamela Scott

Meet Pamela Scott, Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer at SUEZ Purification and Disinfection Systems Ltd. Pamela started her placement in August 2017, and after a year at the company, we were delighted to hear that Pamela’s position had been made permanent.

Published: 05/11/2018

Pamela Scott

Pamela’s placement was complex. She said:

“I was involved in a number of projects throughout my year at SUEZ, but my main project was the upgrade of oxygen concentrator columns. I was the project manager which involved:

  • Sourcing components to replace obsolete parts – identifying similar products on the market, contacting suppliers for quotations, and negotiating the best prices, then selecting the correct components to work best within our systems 
  • Designing new brackets to house updated oxygen concentrator columns
  • Completing initial testing of the oxygen concentrator columns to ensure the output concentration is high enough. A high oxygen concentration output had to be proven so an initial 2-week test was performed”

Pamela is now continuing this process by conducting long term testing. SUEZ itself has wide ranging impact, and Pamela summarised one of the most interesting things she learned about the company, “some of the places our products have been sold to. Siam Park, The Shard, Burj Al Arab, London Aquarium, and Disneyland Hong Kong are a few of the places where SUEZ products are used”. From her colleagues, Pamela received some excellent advice: “Keep a book of useful engineering information you have found, you never know when you might need it”.

SUEZ logo

When asked what appealed to her about the placement, Pamela replied: “it was the opportunity to gain experience in design, production and service”. She continued, “due to the size of the company, there would be a number of opportunities to work with other departments (e.g. sales, production, and service) which would give me a greater understanding of how a company runs”.

We like to hear what our grads are proud of as well as what they’ve done. We asked what her proudest achievement has been so far.

“One of my most memorable moments working for SUEZ was when I was given the chance to visit a number of sites. This allowed me to see some of the units I had been working on in use, and helped me to understand some of the issues the service department encounter when servicing the products.

My proudest achievement throughout my placement was the completion of my first project. Having something I had designed being placed into systems being sold to customers was a very exciting moment”.

Pamela offered her thoughts for anyone hoping to work for an SME: “I have found that when working for a smaller company my job varies day to day. On occasion, I have had to help out the sales and production departments. I have found this extremely useful in developing my understanding on how a company is run along with enhancing relationships within the company”.

Thinking about her ScotGrad placement more broadly, she said, “the key benefit I have found with a ScotGrad placement is the opportunities for networking. There was also a number of courses throughout the year which may help with the advancement of my career as well as giving me skills to help me in my current job”.

To finish, Pamela said, “I have found that due to my placement being through ScotGrad it was a lot more structured compared to other placements. This meant that I had certain projects/tasks that I had to complete before my placement finished. By having a structured placement it allowed me to see what the company would be expecting me to complete throughout the year”.

Congratulations from the ScotGrad team on securing a permanent contract, Pamela! A job well done.

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