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Free online Digital Marketing course offered to ScotGrads through Jump Digital

University of Aberdeen Business School and Jump Digital are giving ScotGrads the chance to learn more about Digital Marketing through a free online course.

Published: 04/04/2018

University of Aberdeen Business School and Jump Digital, a consultancy firm which provides training and mentoring in Digital Marketing tactics, are offering graduates taking part in ScotGrad placements the opportunity to gain insight into Digital Marketing.

ScotGrads are given the chance to complete Module 1 of the Digital Marketing for Business Professional Certificate (DMB) completely free of charge and at their own pace.

Rebecca Ramage, Digital Marketing Graduate at Had Fab Ltd. said: “The course is great for those already working in the industry. It deepened my knowledge of Digital Marketing and encouraged me to think about my approach in a strategic manner. The teaching materials and references are extremely focused, which is very useful when you would like to get in-depth information on a specific topic." 

The DMB focuses on the digital marketplace, offering participants the opportunity to broaden knowledge, adopt a strategic mind-set and develop leadership qualities. These skills can then be employed in their current placements, benefitting the host company, as well as enhancing participants’ CVs for future employment opportunities.

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Jordan Dalzell, International Business Development Graduate at Berkeley Myles Solutions said: “Despite being surrounded by Digital Marketing, it is not something I knew a great deal about. Completing the module gave me an insight into its importance and allowed me to put it into practice in my placement.

“A couple of months after the completion of the course, I attended a Manufacturing Conference in Dublin. We were exhibiting at the conference, and prior to the event, we were involved in advertising our product and stand through Digital Marketing. The online module gave me an understanding of how to make best use of social media to spread awareness and we were able to advertise our product and stand before the event. This resulted in exhibitors and potential customers knowing that we would be there and they had a level of understanding of the services we provide. Overall, I found the course beneficial and I would recommend it.” 

Tytti Rekosuo, Graduate Marketing Executive at Pro-Sapien Software said: “I found the course immensely useful. I watched the course videos at the end of my workday. This helped me to revise the new skills I had been learning at work.”

If you’re currently out on placement in the Central Belt or Lowlands, you can sign up by contacting Jump Digital. Refer to Shelley’s Welcome email for details on how to sign up.

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