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A third of students and grads want to work with SMEs

A survey of students and graduates by graduate careers expert, Prospects, reveals that 37% hope to work for a small to medium business.

Published: 31/05/2017

Of the 9,000 student and graduates surveyed about their work ambitions in the next 12 months, and within the 63% who want to start a new job or embark on a new career, almost 40% wanted to work for an SME. Less than 30% were specifically considering a large employer.

When asked about their reasons for wanting to work with an SME, 63% cited the opportunities to work in smaller teams and how that translates into good professional and social interaction.     

Across the board, respondents most commonly cited three factors most important in choosing an employer: training and gaining qualifications, generous pay, and a company’s values matching their own. Two other influencing factors were named as location and opportunities for flexible working.

Jayne Rowley, Deputy Chief Executive at Prospects, said “Many graduates welcome jobs in smaller companies, preferring the opportunities and working environment that they offer. In turn they offer SMEs a fantastic opportunity to bring new skills and ideas into their business. While they may not always be able to compete on pay, SMEs can look to attract talent in other ways such as through sustainable business practices and flexible working.”


The content above has been quoted from an article on Ri5's website, dated May 31st 2017.