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Top Five Tips to Help Your ScotGrad Develop

Help your ScotGrad Associate to realise their potential and make a significant contribution to your business

Published: 01/08/2017

Taking the first step on the career ladder is an exciting time but it can also be a challenging experience. Here are our top five tips to help ScotGrad Associates settle in and develop in their new roles.

Be prepared – first impressions do count so make sure you are ready for your ScotGrad Associate starting. This ranges from the basics of having a workstation organised for them through to making sure there is a nominated person to meet and welcome them on their first day and introduce them to their new colleagues.

An induction is also important whether this is a detailed programme or simply time allocated for an experienced member of staff to welcome them and explain in detail the role and the ethos and ambitions of the business.

Set specific goals – it is important that your ScotGrad Associate knows what is expected of them and setting specific goals is a key part of this. This will allow the graduate to more fully understand the requirements of the role and the necessary steps to completing the project. It will also allow you to keep a check on their progress and make sure the project will meet your objectives and be delivered on schedule.

Schedule regular catch-ups – it is important to make sure you have regular catch-ups with your ScotGrad Associate and that you set aside time to work with them to help with their progression. These sessions will be most effective if there is two-way communication so encourage your graduate to ask questions, to feedback their thoughts and to challenge the way things are done. Ultimately your business will benefit.

Training - It is important to help your ScotGrad Associate to continue to develop and it is worth considering their individual training needs. This could range from a tailored training programme to on the job support from more experienced staff. This should evolve as they progress to meet their needs and requirements.

Provide Support with a Mentor Considering assigning a mentor to support your ScotGrad Associate. This will ensure there is a point of contact to help them to gain an insight into the business and the culture of the company. It can pay dividends to have someone on-hand who can provide help and advise on simple issues to help the ScotGrad Associate to settle in. A mentor can also help with the social aspect of working life and help them to become part of the team.

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