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The Big Christmas Job Hunt

Sometimes taking a different approach helps to regain your focus. Bethany Ansell shares her thoughts about the pressures on graduates, and why the Big Christmas Job Hunt can wait.

Published: 04/12/2017

If, like me, you follow numerous graduate job pages or sign up to their email alerts you might have recently seen promotions like this: 'All I want for Christmas is a Graduate Job' or 'Find that perfect graduate job on your Christmas list'.

To my frustration, I get these emails and notifications a lot.  All I had wanted for Christmas up until seeing these adverts was some new speakers and to spend my days watching Elf on repeat whilst incapacitating myself on After Eight chocolates.

But now I am haunted by the ghost of Christmas future, a future where I am jobless. Oh well.  I get up, switch off the Christmas telly and engage in the far less entertaining task of 'sorting my life out'.

Even during the merriest time of the year there is still a wearying pressure to constantly be on the ball with job hunting. This pressure pays off for some who do find that dream job on their Christmas wish-list. All too often however it leads to panic and you find yourself blindly applying left, right and centre to any job that vaguely, only vaguely, interests you.

As graduates we can sometimes be caught up in that mentality of 'beggars can’t be choosers'. Indeed, the job market doesn’t always have our back and we are often faced with a long old climb up the ladder to finally find that fulfilling role. But adopting this approach puts us at major risk of underselling ourselves or stumbling into a job that just doesn’t fit.

This year, a survey carried out by Milkround found that 30% of graduates had backed out of a job offer after they had accepted. The reason that 64% of this number gave was that they did not know how to decline. Whether they had failed to read the job description, were too British or believed that they lacked vital experience despite being chosen, this survey indicates that grads are struggling with the application process.

True, there is so much pressure surrounding graduate job hunting. So much so that graduates fail to give themselves enough time to pause, to take stock, to ask themselves important questions. Questions such as: what do I want from a graduate job, what industries interest me, should I take a gap year before I start a career? Just asking yourself these simple questions will go a long way in helping you to be in full control of your career decisions. Yes, keep on the ball with what’s currently on offer. But also remember that there could be a fantastic job waiting for you around the corner at any given time. Don’t sell yourself short by throwing yourself at a job just because it’s your first offer.   

If you need it why not give yourself a complete break from job hunting over Christmas? You may find that this gives you much-needed focus and energy for the new year when there are more jobs opening up. 

In short, never allow the pressure of finding a dream job actually stop you from finding a dream job.

So take a breather this Christmas. Enjoy the break however you choose to spend it. Go on, you deserve it. Because the Big Christmas Job Hunt can wait. 

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