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Scottish SME takes on two graduates for new project

At our recent training course, we met Kelly and Rachael who are working together to design and market custom printed cycle jerseys.

Published: 03/05/2017

ScotGrad employer thecyclejersey specialises in custom printed cycle jerseys made to your own design, as well as bespoke limited edition designs they have been able to create with the permission of the company or artist.

ScotGrad supported this innovative SME with their growth plans, by helping them recruit two fantastic graduates for project-based placements.

Kelly Reid, a graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, joined the company towards the end of 2016. She has already made a fantastic impact, and the work she does involves taking on a wide range of tasks with lots of responsibility.

“The company does not operate via a physical presence on the high street, so we depend highly on the use of social media and public relations. All social media content, email marketing, blog content and potential PR opportunities are now my own responsibility. I am also looked to for advice regarding creativity for web ideas and trade shows.”

Kelly and Rachael at thecyclejersey 

Kelly Reid and Rachael Paterson

After the initial success of Kelly’s graduate role, the company expanded to take on another graduate for a design and business development project. Rachael Paterson, a graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University, took on this role in April 2017. She is already enjoying her experience working for a smaller company:

“Working in a close knit and small environment is brilliant. I get to see every aspect of the business and lend a hand at nearly every stage of the design process which has been fantastic - I don’t think a larger company would have been able to offer the same experience.”

Having only worked together for one month, they are already learning from each other too. Kelly told us:

“Having Rachael on board as a designer also really helps me, as we teach each other things from our own Degree backgrounds.”

Kelly and Rachael have tapped into the professional development opportunities available to them during their placements, including the free Sales and Marketing training course delivered by one of our ScotGrad employers. We're looking forward to catching up with them in July at their 2nd session!


You can find out more about their host employer here: 

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